Free COVID-19 Chatbot

To support the education community and government institutions during the Coronavirus pandemic, we are offering free access to the AdmitHub platform so you can provide clear, immediate answers about the pandemic.

Respond immediately to COVID-19 questions

A bot can provide the facts about coronavirus. 

Let your team focus on supporting students.

© 2020 AdmitHub, all rights reserved.   |   38 Chauncy St, Boston, MA 02111

© 2020 AdmitHub, all rights reserved.  38 Chauncy St, Boston, MA 02111

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Reduce FAQ overload by having our AI-powered chatbot instantly answer common questions.

Jumpstart your responses with pre-built campaigns using information from the CDC, WHO, and more.

Input FAQs unique to your school. As the situation evolves, easily update information once in a single place.

Setting up a COVID bot

Request an Account

~ 5 mins

Connect the bot to your site

Customize FAQs for your school (optional)

~ 2 hours

Guaranteed free for 90 days (+ more pending the situation)

90+ days

Dynamic & Growing 

Knowledge base

Save time and get a consistent message out to all your website visitors with our Knowledge base, which includes:

  • Globally-asked Coronavirus FAQs with more added every day
  • Editable responses for your school to help students navigate the outbreak
  • AI to match student questions with the best answers your school has provided

Free SMS campaign

Getting the word out about a chatbot can be hard. 

  • Leverage our SMS functionality to introduce the new web bot
  • Save time with pre-built welcome message templates 
  • Simple as upload & send


COVID-19 Resources

Learn how to best communicate COVID-19 information today and get ahead for the upcoming year.


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Let us show you AdmitHub’s Chatbot in action

Reduce FAQ overload by having our AI-powered chatbot instantly answer common questions.

  Guaranteed free for 90 days  (+ more pending the situation)

Reduce summer melt and increase enrollment using an AI-powered chatbot to communicate with—and listen to—your students 
at scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why will this help me through the pandemic? 
The chatbot answers any questions submitted on your website home page (through a chatbot) about coronavirus with WHO reviewed answers. You can configure specific answers about your college once and the bot will deliver those to any inquiry. 

How much time will it take to set up? ~ 2 Hours

Do I need my IT person to help set up? You will need the person who runs your website to connect the bot. 

Is it really free? Yes, it is. We want to support you during these unprecedented times. The bot is offered in kind for 90 days or more depending on current events.

How does the bot answer questions? For broad questions about the disease, we have built all of our content in accordance with the CDC and WHO recommendations in conjunction with reviews by an infectious disease expert. For specific questions, you can easily configure answers to your school's needs. 

What happens if I request an account? We will send you a demo of the bot and some questions we need to create your account. After that, you will receive login information and set up instructions to get your bot live on your website. 

Who needs to set it up? We need your website person (to connect the web chat to your URL) and whoever is in charge of responding to Covid-19 questions.

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