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© 2020 AdmitHub, all rights reserved.  38 Chauncy St, Boston, MA 02111

Dr. Lindsay Page
Professor of Research Methodology

University of Pittsburgh


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Tim Renick
Senior VP for Student Success

Georgia State University

Drew Magliozzi
Co-Founder and CEO 


In the wake of a global pandemic, Summer Melt presents more challenges than ever. Get actionable data and insights from our COVID-19 Support Chatbots and learn what students are asking now.

Using COVID-19 Insights & Proven Techniques to Support Students

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Solve Summer 2020 Meltdown:


Especially now in a time of crisis, it’s difficult to know what next year’s returning classes will look like. So, what can we do to help students stay on track?

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RCT Findings & COVID-19 Student Insights

Retaining Students This Summer:


Or, Get Free Summer Student Support

Survey your campus & provide help where students need it most - for free.

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With the growing effort required of educators to adapt the college experience, it is harder than ever to forecast student success, then make the changes necessary to support students in these uncertain times.

Free Summer Student Support

Here are three free resources to help you through this summer.