Solve Summer 2020 Meltdown:

Webinar Presented By

Dawn Medley
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

Wayne State University

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© 2020 AdmitHub, all rights reserved.  38 Chauncy St, Boston, MA 02111

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Presented on Tuesday, April 28th

In the wake of a global pandemic, higher education is facing unprecedented uncertainty. Summer melt — a notable challenge even in “normal” years — is an even larger concern as the number of unknowns seems to rise each week. 

In this webinar, we’ll share: 

  • Actionable data and insights from our COVID-19 Support Chatbots on what students are asking right now 

  • Techniques proven by research to reduce enrollment barriers, keep students engaged, and combat a predicted higher-than-average summer melt 

  • Enrollment strategies from Dawn Medley of Wayne State University, whose team embraced AI chatbot technology in their student communications, yielding the largest and most diverse incoming class in the school's history

Kirk Daulerio
Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist 



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Using COVID-19 Insights & Proven Techniques to Support Students