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AdmitHub partners with several college access networks across the country to support more students in their journeys to — and through — college. Together, we’ve helped more than 600K students navigate the application, scholarship, and selection process.

© 2020 AdmitHub, all rights reserved.   |   38 Chauncy St, Boston, MA 02111

© 2020 AdmitHub, all rights reserved.  38 Chauncy St, Boston, MA 02111

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Shaping Your Incoming Class To Influence Retention Rates


Reduce summer melt and increase enrollment using an AI-powered chatbot to communicate with—and listen to—your students 
at scale.


Retaining Students 
This Summer


Reducing Summer Melt and Supporting Student Success

Across 9 randomized controlled trials (RCTs), AdmitHub’s behaviorally intelligent chatbots are rigorously proven to drive student success in several ways: 

  • Empathetically nudging students to complete important tasks like submitting financial aid documentation 

  • Guiding students with the right information at the right time as they face enrollment deadlines and housing options

  • Connecting students with the right staff member when they need more support

  • Engaging students both proactively and responsively with interactions that are proven to drive positive outcomes

  • Increasing the likelihood of a college match and boosting year-to-year persistence 

Using Chatbots to Listen at Scale

From day one, the students you serve will benefit from AdmitHub’s robust knowledge base — because it’s built to instantly answer their most frequently asked questions. As our partnership grows, the knowledge base will learn even more about your students’ specific needs, and our responses will quickly evolve. 

This type of active listening at scale gives your institution valuable insight into your students’ shifting challenges. Accessing this data in aggregate enables you to anticipate your students’ needs, improve their overall experience, and ultimately drive positive outcomes.


Trusted Partners Include

Guidance with a Human Touch 

AdmitHub delivers relevant information to students through interactions that are proven to engage them. This gives your team more time to handle the complex, one-on-one conversations with students that they excel at. 

AdmitHub’s Student Engagement Platform also routes students directly to the appropriate expert at crucial points in their journey that require a human touch.


Responding to Students 24/7 

Students often need support after your team has signed off for the day. In fact, 37% of the questions our bots receive come outside of standard business hours. When these issues arise, students still expect timely answers and guidance. 

When you partner with AdmitHub, our chatbots respond to up to 85% of student questions in 2 seconds or less — day or night. 


Texting: A Gen Z Love Story

The power of texting cannot be overstated. Today’s students only read 20% of the emails they receive, yet 97% of them read every single text message — and 90% read all of their texts within just 3 minutes.

Students also respond to text messages four times more frequently than email. When the message is personalized to their needs and delivered at the right time, the effect of texting becomes even more impactful.

Engaging Students on Their Terms 

AdmitHub’s behaviorally intelligent chatbots use timely, relevant, judgment-free nudges that are proven to positively impact student outcomes for our network of partners

  • 600K+ students supported across college access platforms 
  • 17, 618 counselor hours saved 
  • 23M+ messages sent to 173,000 students through our partnership with the Common App 
  • 65%+ of Common App participants actively engaged with the chatbot 

Trusted Partners Include